“And before Happy Hour? How about a pint or five after work… on second thoughts make that a milkshake.

Gee Baby I Love You plunder cartoon culture from Hawaii Five-O, to Spy vs Spy, Steve McGarrett puts Arthur Conley under house arrest and rifles through James Brown’s bottom drawer. And the rap? Theft, of course.

Meanwhile the band run off with some of souls classiest stompers, hammering out a passion that defies scepticism. OK, so we’ve all heard a million “My Girl’s” and could sing “Sweet Soul Music” while being smothered in toothpaste and attacked by a swarm of killer bee’s, but when J.O. spray’s the crowd with his charged growl and rinky–dink riffs, such facts become mere quibbles.

These songs are vehicles for the band’s showmanship. All the pauses are used to stretch spontaneity to the full, and for the first time ever, I hear a Bristol audience clapping in unison to the band’s call and answer.
Gee Baby have stolen the show and can only be accused of providing a night to look backwards to…”

Mike Gartside