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“And before Happy Hour? How about a pint or five after work… on second thoughts make that a milkshake. Gee Baby I Love You plunder cartoon culture from Hawaii Five-O, to Spy vs Spy, Steve McGarrett puts Arthur Conley under house arrest and rifles through James Brown’s bottom drawer. And the rap? Theft, of course. Meanwhile the band run off with some of souls classiest stompers, hammering out a passion that defies scepticism. OK, so we’ve all heard a million “My Girl’s” and could sing “Sweet Soul Music” while being smothered in toothpaste and attacked by a swarm of killer bee’s, but when J.O. spray’s the crowd with his charged growl and rinky–dink riffs, such facts become mere quibbles. These songs are vehicles for the band’s showmanship. All the pauses are used to stretch spontaneity to the full, and for the first time ever, I hear a Bristol audience clapping in unison to the band’s call and answer.Gee Baby have stolen the show and can only be accused of providing a night to look backwards to…”

Mike Gartside

Audience Live
Judging by the response they got at the Thekla, Gee Baby I Love You deserves their reputation as Bristol’s leading soul band'. Their impressive array of soul and blues covers kept the enthusiastic audience on their feet and bopping away for the entire one and a half hour set. The whole band give their all and the showmanship is superb; routines from the brass section; jaunts through the audience and wonderfully contorted facial expressions, combine to make great entertainment. This stage presence is sadly lacking in many “big” bands who fail to reproduce the magic of their music on stage.I, for one, am grateful that bands like Gee Baby, who so obviously enjoy what they do, are still alive and kicking and giving audiences what they deserve.'


To all in Gee Baby, A huge thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special. That was one hell of a party, we’ve only just come back down to earth! Our friends and family are still talking about the music, you made such an impression on everyone, we we’re all totally blown away. We’re so grateful you could be there to help us celebrate and hope we can come and see you perform again very soon. P.S. Look out for a few Wiltshire magazines who wrote articles on our big day. All our love xx

Will and Emily Glennon

What is it about soul music? Even after all these years, the classic Stax and Motown songs can still make you feel moody and blue but above all they can make you want to get up and shake your tailfeather. Bristol’s Gee Baby I Love You managed to excite all those emotions. And demonstrated in front of a packed crowd why they are the band you’d want to have playing at your party. The exceptionally talented nine-piece fronted by singer-guitarist John Orme romped through a set of soul and funk numbers including a number of classic songs like McFadden and Whitehead’s Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, KC And The Sunshine Band’s That’s The Way I Like It and even Sex Bomb.However, Gee Baby have never relied on just repeating the old favourites, always pulling lesser known and sometimes quite obscure songs into their repertoire. It was, for instance, great to hear once again Aretha Franklin’s See Saw, Jean Knight’s Mr Big Stuff and Bob & Earl’s Harlem Shuffle, while Spooky, a chance for backing singer Cherie to take the spotlight, was every bit as smokey as Dusty Springfield’s version. James Brown’s Super Bad sounded a bit like a soundtrack for a 1970s “blaxploitation” movie, but it was as funky as anything, as indeed was their version of Stevie Wonder’s I Wish.Someone simply introduced as “the man from the pub”, joined them for the last two numbers, taking the vocals on a fiery version of Gimme Some Lovin’ and playing harmonica on I Feel Good. My Girl was an odd choice to finish such a night, but they probably could have played anything because, Gee Baby, this audience loved you.

Keith Clark

Bristol Evening Post
'Wow what a band!  I’m really pleased we managed to get you guys!'

Edwin Osborne

Organiser of the Sam Jam 2019 Festival
‘Get your dancin’ shoes ready – Bristol’s snappiest Soul Boys will soon be in town’. Gee Baby I Love You, a tight, horn orientated 7 piece, famed for their live shows, widely hailed as the U.K.’s leading soul cover exponents, the bands motto is passion and respect and that is exactly what they bring to every number they perform. Fronting the band is vocalist J.O. who is obliged to add power to his sensitivity to match the wall of sound created, not only by horns but also from the drums and funky guitar.

Evening Sentinel

I can’t thank you and Gee Baby enough for last night! It was a fantastic evening and everyone seemed have a real blast (had lots of great feedback about you guys and the evening already!), so thank you for all your hard work in making it happen. I’m still buzzing from the whole thing! Will be sure to get in touch for our next funk and soul needs!Cheers!

Holly Purcell

The Viridor Theatre, S.S. Great Britain, Great Western Dockyard, Bristol
'Thank you SO, SO much for playing at our wedding, you were honestly incredible. So many people mentioned how good the band was, it was everything I hoped it would be. The dance floor was constantly full and our friends are still talking about it...'

Sarah & Charlie Buckley

Their Wedding
‘Gee Baby certainly have more of the J.B.’s about them than the competition’‘. They loved Gee Baby, using the full stage to it’s best advantage, particularly the choreography with the brass cohorts. J.O. grabbing the attention like he’s supposed to – everyone might have their own favourite R’n’B band, but no-one was complaining about this one.Gee Baby certainly have more of the J.B.’s about them than the competition – the beat is bigger and the rhythms harder to ignore.The playing is top class professional (none of yer pub Blues Brothers part-timers here) and they’re an extremely good band to finish a night of extremes with….’

Venue Magazine

Stuart, a million thank you’s for Saturday. You blew us all away as I knew you would, it really was the party of the year! Thank you for making our night so special and ensuring my 40th and our 10th wedding anniversary are both one to remember forever.

Helen Miller

National Sales Director, Rothschild Wine Collection

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